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the team that makes the magic happen, starting with skeet


Allow me to introduce myself to current and future Skeetopians from around the world. My name Skeet Almighty but you can just call me Josh. 20 years in commercial radio granted me the opportunity to interview hundreds of great musicians that are still around and some unfortunately that are not. Part Talk Show Part Interviews. Skeetopia is uncensored, unapologetic and willing to give musicians of the Rock, Hip Hop and Top 40 persuasion. Do you think your music is the future? Are you the future of the music industry? Then submit a bio and top single to

WARNING: NSFW only because some people take every word as the gospel. It's all in good fun just listen and enjoy

Joshua Enriquez


the artist

illustrations and strip thanks to this guy

the web guy

ambassador to the world of the web

teh web guy Viktor M.

Viktor M. (also spelled Victor), handles all the web side of the Skeetopia business... when he isn't hunched over the desktop designing and spittin' code like ghetto poetry, he's at home reading about other hunchbacks that love to spit code like ghetto poetry.

He's a big fan of the Skeetopia show, even though he's only heard it like, twice. Music tastes include Lyatoshynsky, Stanchinsky, Medtner, Scriabin, Stravinsky, Mussorgsky, Cesar Cui, and the occasional Skrillex.